Keynote and Workshop Services Available

Parenting with PTSD

Building Trauma-Informed Families

Our culture offers a plethora of information on parenting, and there is vast education available on childhood abuse, but what about the parent who was the abused child?

Using her personal and professional experience, Dawn invites the audience to walk beside her on her journey to discovering the impact childhood adversity has on the life of parenting survivors

Parenting with PTSD is a dynamic presentation that introduces the audience to the impact childhood adversity has on the life of parenting survivors. Dawn’s training introduces the audience to common triggers and responses parenting survivor’s experience, and the role providers can have in helping to break generational cycles of abuse and dysfunction. 


  • An introduction to the Adverse Childhood Experience study, toxic stress, and the role trauma has on the brain, body, and stress response system
  • Guidance for normalizing and recognizing common triggers, behaviors, and coping mechanisms exhibited by parenting survivors  
  • Recognizing parenting behaviors as symptoms of post-traumatic stress
  • Supporting parenting survivors on the journey to breaking cycles of generational trauma and dysfunction
  • Helping providers understand the role they can have in assisting parenting survivors in breaking the cycle of abuse

*All descriptions above can be tailored to fit your training style and audience.

Adult Restorative Residential Care

Recalibrating the mind, body, and social wellbeing of residents


  • Overview of Adverse Childhood Experiences and the common outcomes we see in the people we serve due to traumatic experiences and toxic stress.
  • Development of trauma-informed, non-clinical approaches to supporting residents in recalibrating their minds, bodies, and relationships.
  • Increased ability to capture teachable moments through natural consequences, harm reduction, resident accountability and engagement, and staff education.

*All descriptions above can be tailored to fit your training style and audience.

Dawn uses both her personal and professional experience to write, speak, and facilitate conversation about trauma informed systemic change. Her mission is to help shift the culture’s understanding of what it means to recalibrate and heal the mind and body from trauma.

Dawn offers workshop and keynote talks in the following presentation styles:

  • Keynote – 60 to 90 minutes
  • Full-day training – 6 hours
  • Half-day training – 3 hours
  • Break-out session – 60 to 90 minutes


NYS Care Management Coalition Saratoga Springs, NY

Northville Central School District Northville, NY

Saratoga County Citizens Committee for Mental Health (SCCC) Saratoga Springs, NY

Association of Addiction Recovery Care Homes of New York (AARCH) Syracuse, NY

Here This Now

The New York State Parenting Education Partnership (NYPEP)

Schoharie County ACEs Task Force Cobleskill, NY

Mental Health Association in Fulton & Montgomery Johnstown, NY

Otsego Committee on Child Abuse and Neglect (OCCAN) Cooperstown, NY

Transitional Services Association, Inc Saratoga Springs, NY

Palmetto Association for Children and Families (PAFCAF) Columbia, SC

***Please contact Dawn directly at to discuss fees.

What People Are Saying

“Dawn Daum presented at the Northville Elementary School District.  Her presentation was well planned and timely.  The delivery of information on ACE’s and how they impact our well being was powerful.  As educators, our job is to work closely with others every day.  She provided us with insight on how trauma impacts the brain and learning.  Behaviors that we may have believed to have stemmed from something else, may not really be the case.  It was eye opening and informative.  We look forward to having her back in our district to speak again.”

Tammy Reidell, Elementary Principal, Northville Elementary School

“Dawn Daum was the feature speaker at the Schoharie County ACE’s (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Team Conference. Dawn is an immensely impactful speaker. She brings important previously undocumented information for parents and professionals alike, about the impact of ACE’s on triggering aspects of parenting children. Dawn’s message is presented in a manner that is factually coherent and accessible, with an emotional honesty and clarity that reaches her audience. Dawn is an excellent speaker for any parent, or professional group… and comes highly recommended by our Team, as a speaker that would be an excellent resource and benefit for any group fortunate enough to hear.”

Susan Cimino-Carey, owner and operator of Schoharie Hypnosis and Reiki in Schoharie, New York